The Time Project is a 3D adventure-puzzle game inspired by film director Satoshi Kon playful framing, the intriguing puzzles of the Myst series and the desolate yet vivid landscapes of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. It is about bygones, vestiges and perennials: what disappears, what remains and what can never be erased.

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With a swipe of a finger, connect tracks across Germany, around iconic Parisian monuments, and through the Alps, all while avoiding dangerous collisions! New curving track designs mean endless possibilities so you can find your own train conductor style.

Shut off the outside world. Relax, unwind and focus with a new type of puzzle that is both simple to learn and compellingly deep. Escape to the Puzzle Retreat and immerse yourself in this unique block-sliding puzzle game.

Players return to the Train Conductor world with new American locations, including Miami Beach, the Grand Canyon, Nashville, Las Vegas and New York City. With a huge variety of fun challenges with two modes for each location, Train Conductor 2 will have you entertained for hours!

Train Conductor 2: USA

Train Conductor is a maddeningly addictive arcade game that blends physical dexterity, logical puzzle solving and micro-strategy unlike anything else. It's all about managing the flow of trains through the train yard, staying focused and being on top of it all.

Train Conductor